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Why study with us?

Equine Massage Training UK, is an organisation dedicated to educating students to the highest level in equine massage. We have many years’ experience as a trusted training provider. This course has a large amount of hands on practical experience to ensure you really understand the role of equine massage .Our trainer, Andrea Pole, is qualified in both human and animal modalities which together with 25 years’ experience, offers students a broad knowledge base to draw upon. We are known for providing our students with guidance and support throughout the course and when they have graduated. We are a level 3 Diploma and aim to make the course an industry leader. Please check student's testimonials below and on our facebook page to see how they have enjoyed the course.

We are very proud of our graduates who come form a variety of equine backgrounds and go on to use their Equine Massage Qualification to work in many different ways. A lot of our graduates have set up their own thriving businesses. Some work part-time alongside jobs, families and other commitments. We have some who work with humans and horses and others who use it for their own very grateful horses and yards. This course can be the start of their equine journey and they go on to study further eg masters, physiotherapy, etc. There are so many different opportunities for everyone with this course.

Equine Massage is considered to be “Maintenance Care”

Healthy animals do not require a veterinary referral for maintenance care, however, any animal, including healthy ones, must be registered with a veterinary surgeon, and referred to a vet at the first indication of any symptoms, or signs, that may suggest underlying health issues. Only Veterinary Surgeons are legally able to diagnose and investigate any clinical problems.

Massage therapy is the manual manipulation of soft body tissues, muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments to enhance health and well being.

It involves manually working on the horse's body with pressure, structured or unstructured, stationary, moving, tension, motion or vibration.

Massage therapists work to reduce pain, improve movement and restore normal control in animals as a result of musculoskeletal conditions or as part of a maintenance fitness/general health programme.

In competitive or working animals, massage may be used as an intrinsic part of the development of the animal athlete. Helping to minimise the risk of injury and optimise performance and potential.

By analysing and assessing posture, movement and skeletal function, Equine Massage Therapists can help develop holistic treatment plans alongside veterinary treatment. These can often be accompanied by exercise and rehabilitation programmes.

Equine Massage Therapists are required to work as part of the veterinary team. They are required to work closely with the veterinary surgeon and other industry para-professionals. Horse massage may only be delivered by a competent massage therapist with the prior consent of the treating veterinary surgeon.

If you are passionate about the physical well-being of horses and enjoy interacting with animal owners, trainers and the veterinary profession, this course qualifies you for an exciting, challenging and rewarding career. On completion of the course, successful graduates will receive a certificate of Equine Massage and this will entitle you to join IAAT and other relevant organisations.

Equine Massage Horse Owners Day

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This will be a fantastic opportunity to learn some vital massage skills to help you and your equine partner.

Please contact us for our information pack.

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Telephone 07377412965

  • During the Summer of 2016, I enrolled onto the Equine Sports Massage Course taught by Andrea Pole. The course had a very good structure, with the right balance of theory to back up the practical, hands on side of it. Andrea, was a superb teacher, she made the theory enjoyable, but her ability to teach the practical was exceptional, backed up by her extensive knowledge of horse's. For me the whole course has been a great benefit to my horse's at home, which is down to Andrea! Becky Faulconbridge recommends Equine Massage Training UK.
  • Andrea taught the Equine Sports Massage course I took in 2016 and without her guidance and support I wouldn’t have passed. I cannot recommend Andrea highly enough as a course instructor, mentor and confidence giver. I still ask numerous questions of Andrea and she is always there to point me in the right direction. Siân Staples (Miss) TEP, Dip ITM recommends Equine Massage Training UK.
  • I recently attended the sports massage course run by Andrea Pole. As an older student I was concerned that I might find it too much but it was so well planned and delivered by Ms Pole that I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience I learnt so much and the ratio of classroom time and practical was perfect giving the whole group the confidence to put their new found knowledge into practice. We gelled as a group and are still in regular contact with many of us planning to return for refresher days as well as CPD days. Many thanks for a great learning experience.
    Claire Vincent recommends Equine Massage Training UK.
  • The equine sports massage course has been really enjoyable. The weekends were well structured and Andrea was a brilliant teacher. The work we were given helped us go away and build on what we had learnt. Charlotte Huband recommends Equine Massage Training UK.
  • I thought the course run by Andre has been informative and fun. Whilst the course is in depth, it's taught with a very relaxed approach. This was the key to me feeling comfortable and confident. Everything was very well organised. Hannah Heywood recommends Equine Massage Training UK.
  • I really enjoyed the course. Andrea made it fun whilst learning. She also made us feel confident and made us believe that we could carry out our practical with ease. I have learnt so much from Andrea and it's clear to see that she has years of knowledge. I wouldn't have wanted to be taught by anyone else.
    Heidi Roberts recommends Equine Massage Training UK.
  • The massage course was very well run and informative. I was made to feel very welcome and at ease. Andrea was always on hand to answer any questions and was happy to go over things as many times as necessary. They made learning very enjoyable and provided plenty of support. I would very much hope that I can do further CPDs in the future. Charlotte Plank recommends Equine Massage Training UK.
    I really enjoyed the course. Teaching was informative and light hearted, not too bombarded with information. Plenty of work to do at home, but started each weekend going back over things if unsure. Encouraging teaching really helped. I have really enjoyed being part of this group and I would recommend Andrea to anyone. I'm feeling prepared and confident for what lies ahead.
    Francesca Peszynska recommends Equine Massage Training UK.
  • I have just finished my equine massage therapy course with Andrea. I wholeheartedly recommend the course. Andrea, Claire, David and Jaqui were brilliant and supported everyone every step of the way. The course delivery was clear, informative and accessibl. Course materials were of a very high quality and were backed up by online videos of the things that we had covered- there were so helpful. There was a good balance of theory and practical and I thought that the course was very good value for money. I have already booked onto another of Andrea’s CPD courses and I cannot wait to begin my work as an equine massage therapist. Highly recommended Jane Oakden recommends Equine Massage Training UK
  • This course is fantastic and so is the whole team involved in your training. I would highly recommend this course to anyone within the equine industry. Megan Needham recommends Equine Massage Training UK.
  • I would highly recommend this course. Andrea is a fabulous teacher, it is so well run and informative. Loved every minute of it Gemma Todd recommends Equine Massage Training UK.
  • Andrea Pole was trained by one of the best and I’m sure now will be one of the best herself with an extensive experienced career doing what she loves Margaret Mitchell recommends Equine Massage Training UK.
  • I loved this course and being introduced to the wonderful gift of equine massage. Especially the hands on work. Andrea is a gifted teacher who makes you feel at ease from day one and if you need to ask questions, she is only to happy to explain or point you in the right direction. The whole experience is something I’ll treasure and hopefully lead to new and exciting ventures. I would definitely recommend this course Ronnie King recommends Equine Massage Training UK.
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