Another amazing graduate of our Equine Massage Training course

Jo Pasetti (Dip A Phys)

Having qualified as an equine physiotherapist EMT’s course was a natural progression. It taught me the more in-depth understanding of the musculoskeletal system and the irreplaceable hands on skills I needed to treat. It pushed me forward and gave me confidence to progress in the career I had chosen. If you want to pursue any form of equine therapy your basic start line, and constant fail safe will be your ability to assess with your eyes and hands, and make a difference with your touch. Andrea can teach you these skills with endless knowledge and constant good humour. The added bonus are the friends you make on the way. I can safely say I still love my job, I use a multitude of modalities, from Hwave to physiokey , but the massage skills are the most essential part of my toolkit.

Veterinary Anatomy

This is from a former EMT graduate Donna Boddie

Donna has gone on to be very sucessful

"After completing my diploma in animal physiotherapy I felt that Andrea's course diploma in equine sports massage would be a perfect accompaniment to further my skill set. There was the correct amount of hands on palpation skills and theory. It was important for me to learn different techniques that I could use when I didnt have my therapeutic equipment. I enjoyed learning more about the different touch each horse will respond to.

Completeling the course gave me more confidence and I would highly recommend Andrea and her team."
I run my own business as an animal / vet physio.
I treat small animals and equine. I have since added acupuncture and radiofrequency (Indiba)treatments to my arsenal and very much believe in a multi modal approach.

Courses for 2020

We are now booking for next year.... time goes so fast, the dates are below.

Course 2 Dates February 2020 (these dates maybe subject to small changes but will be confirmed by December 2019)


Friday 21st

Saturday 22nd

Sunday 23rd


Saturday 28th

Sunday 29th


Saturday 25th

Sunday 26th


Saturday 23rd

Sunday 24th

Final exam Saturday 13th June

Course 3 Dates September 2020 (these dates maybe subject to small changes but will be confirmed by December 2019)


Friday 18th

Saturday 19th

Sunday 20th


Saturday 17th

Sunday 18th


Saturday 14th

Sunday 15th


Saturday 12th

Sunday 13th

Final exam January 16th Saturday 2021

June 2019 course practicals

look at the concentration !!!! Some lovely comments forllowing the recent practical weeeknd from our lovely student

Absolutely loving the course Andrea, ur an inspiration! Xx

Had a great weekend and loving the course and meeting lots of lovely people

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