Feb 2019 practical days photographs

Hands-on practice is the key to learning to be an Equine Massage Therapist. Here are some photographs of our reent course showing what we get ups to

A lovely sunny day with everyone involved and working hard

Andrea explaining the finner points of massage

Larking about .... it's not all work we have time for fun too....

Feb 2019 course doing hands-on stretching on our Equine Massage training course

Equine Massage Taining UK

Its always a team effort on our courses you get to meet amazing people while doing something you love!!! Freinds for life

Massage they said, it will be fun they said

Practical Training- Hands-on Feb 2019

It is always good to start a new course and get to know some new faces:

Looking good ladies

Start at the front and the top!!

They all seem to be concentrating hard lets hope it's all going in !!!!

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